Types of food you should experience in Pushkar

Pushkar is currently filled with global travellers from USA, West Europe, Africa, Australia, Japan and a lot of domestic travellers. Why? The Pushkar Camel Fair 2013 which has started from 7th November 2013. There is so much to see during camel fair, but there is also so much to eat. So we though that as the restaurant in our Pushkar resortWild Roses is full with guests so we should ask them that what is their favourite dish in Pushkar. So here is it. The favourite dishes of Pushkar which one should enjoy.


Every one in Pushkar loves Dal Baati Churma. Some even call it as the national dish of Rajasthan as it is served in temples, festivals, weddings etc. Dal Baati Churma is a mixture of 3 items. Churma is a sweet dish made up of ghee, sugar & suji and the main dish is Dal (Cereal Soup) and Baati (egg shape bowls made up of whole wheat flour, milk, ghee).
You can watch this small video on How to prepare Dal Baati Churma. or read the recipe from the recently expired famous Indian chef Tarla Dalal


Malapua is my personal favourite and the sweetest dish in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Malpua are pancakes with hot sweet syrup on them. They are enjoyed when they are really hot and I haven’t seen a single person who could stop him to take a second one.

Ingredients used in Malapua are sugar, pure ghee, milk, saffron and Refined flour. You can watch this small video on how to prepare them.

Well Lassi is a milk made drink which is served in every Indian State but Rajasthani Lassi is different from all the others. If you went to the local nearby villages in Pushkar you may get Lassi made-up of Camel Milk and thats the real difference between Rajasthani Lassi & other ones. Its naturally salty and many believes that it even has the cure for diabetes  Though its not scientifically proved but the percentage of people suffering from diabetes is low in Rajasthan as compare to the national figure of 4%
Well there is a lot of Rajasthani food like Dal Kachori, Pyaz Kachori, Mirchi Wada, Allo Papri, Mirchi Wada etc and we serve them all in our resort.  I have just mentioned a few of them. If you know about some more Rajasthani local dishes than do comment.