Top 5 places to visit in Pushkar


Last month I wrote a blog on THE TOP 10 AMAZING RESORTS IN RAJASTHAN and was quite a hit. As it got 2 dozens of likes, shares & comments. But today I want to share my experience on important tourist places in Pushkar. So below I have shared a list of top 5 places which one should definitely visit in Pushkar.


Pushkar is famous for 2 things. One is Pushkar camel fair & second is the Brahma Temple. As per me 10 out of 9 travellers can’t even think of not visiting Brahma temple. Brahma temple is more than 2000 year old and it is one of very few temples of Brahma or you can say that it’s the only historic temple of Brahma.

A strange fact about Brahma temple is that every Hindu god has dozens of historic temple. Like Shiva has 12 historic temples, also referred as Jyotirling but Brahma who is one of the 3 most power gods & he only has 1 historic temple, why? A curse

It is believed that Brahma was performing a Yajna in which he instead of his 1st wife Savitri accompanied Gayatri & because of this Savatri cursed Brahma that no one will worship him but later reduced the velocity of the curse that he, Brahma will be only worshipped in Pushkar. Since then there has been only one temple of Brahma (In Pushkar) and a huge number of devotees visit this temple every day.

Apart from Brahma temple there are many famous temples in Pushkar. Click here to know more about Pushkar temples.


Almost all our guests loves to spend an evening in the deeper parts of Pushkar desert and that’s why Camel Safari in Pushkar is my 2nd favourite place to explore.

In Camel safari we move to the deeper desert region in early morning or after 4:00 PM. Here we first meet some Rose flower farmers and enjoy a cup of really tasty tea with them and then we move towards the sand dunes to see the beautiful sunset. Then by late night we enjoy a nice beautiful musical program and tribal dance by local villagers at the desert camp or sometimes in a village. Simply amazing.


In Pushkar we have desert, rose farming and in evening most of the travellers, locals & we resorts people love to spend some time at the Holy Pushkar Lake. I used the term Holy as there more than 100 temples, including the Brahma Temple, on the banks of this lake.

There is a legend behind this lake. Brahma was looking for a suitable place for a Mahayagna & the Pushkar was a perfect place for this Mahayagna. But the city was haunted by demons especially Vajranash. So to stop Vajranash, Brahma dropped a lotus temple which killed all demons and some part of this flower dropped in the Pushkar lake and then city of Pushkar Came to existence.

So just spend a late evening breeze on the Pushkar Lake and watch out the kids selling flowers 🙂


2 smart individuals are offering 2 of the very useful tips on Cooking (Vegetarian food) and Yoga and they have become the centre of attraction in Pushkar. They are Bahar cooking classesand Pushkar Yoga Garden.

Bahar cooking classes offer tips and live experience of cooking tasty vegetarian food three times in the day and in the evening you can enjoy tradition music program while eating.

Pushkar Yoga Garden offers some useful steps and some real good advice on Yoga by the owner Yogesh. According to TripAdvisor Bahar cooking classes & Pushkar yoga garden are the top two attractions which one must see and that’s amazing as Pushkar is full of historic monuments and these 2 smart entrepreneurs have overcome them. So do visit them when you are in Pushkar.


Pushkar is a holy Hindu city so you must visit all the historic temples over here. Well Pushkar has more than 100 temples along with Brahma Temple and one must get the blessings of

  • Savatri Temple– As I mentioned that Goddess Savarti cursed Brahma because he accompanied Gayatri but the story dosen’t end here. Later Savatri left Pushkar and went to the top of Ratnagiri hills which are just next to the city. Since then a temple of Goddess Savatri was built at the top of the hill and its still has many followership.
  • Varah Temple- Lord Vishnu who is also known as the “Protector of the Universe” has come to earth in 9 different incarnations. One of them is in a form of wild boar which he took to kill a powerful demon name Hiranyaksha who was going to destroy the whole universe. There is only one temple of Varah Avatar and it’s in Pushkar. So do visit it.
  • Mahadev Temple- This temple is dedicated to the strongest god of Hindus, Shiva who is also referred as the “Destroyer of the Universe”. Shiv has many temples in India but the one in Pushkar is unique. It was mentioned by some Britishers explorers who were studying Indian history in early 20th century. It’s uniqueness is in its “Shivlinga“.

Along with these destinations I will suggest that you must visit Pushkar during November as its the month of Pushkar Camel Fair which is the biggest camel fair in the world and in December when we and many other Pushkar resorts are celebrating Christmas & New year. Do have a look at our New year party details.

That’s all folks. If you have any review on my post or about new destination which you you have explored and you think that it should be a part of this list than do comment below, I might add it in my next blog. Do share my blog if you like it 🙂