Top 5 desert destination in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its Royal and Heritage tourism. Most visited city in Rajasthan is Jaipur (as per Ministry of Tourism) but Rajasthan isn’t about cites. It’s about desert.

We operate a desert resort in Pushkar and Pushkar is a desert city. Apart from Jaipur most of Rajasthan is desert. So to promote desert tourism in our state, I present you the list of “Top 5 desert destinations in Rajasthan”


Jaisalmer is a 1000 year old city and has royalty laid down on its streets. Did you know that Maharwal Gadsi Singh created a dam almost 600 years ago to make Jaisalmer green? But that’s not the reason why travelers from France, Germany, and North America come to Jaisalmer. They are here to see Jaisalmer fortor Golden fort {One of the largest fort in the world}, Patwon Haveli {largest haveli in Jaisalmer}, Gadisar Lake {Amazing, just see this slideshare on Gadisar Lake ) and my favourite Jaisalmer desert safari.
These are some of the major attractions on Jaisalmer. For more you can read this fine post written by our sister concern Chetram Voyages. Visit Jaisalmer. A 1000 year old desert city.


Pushkar is not at number two because we run a resort here, but it’s because of total number of visitors coming here. Pushkar is a holy city. The city is famous for 2 things:

1.       Temple of Lord Brahma
2.       The annual Camel Fair (From 7th to 17th November)

The Pushkar temple is the main attraction of our city and religious travelers from all directions comes here. Apart from this there are many must see temples like Varah Temple. Varah Temple is a huge temple and is dedicated to the 3rd incarnation of Vishnu {God of Protection}. Then there is Mahadev temple, which is famous for its unique Shivlinga.

For more, you can check my previous blog on places to visit in Pushkar


Jodhpur is famous for its forts, temples and most important DESERT. Jodhpur is the 2nd largest city in Rajasthan and even has its own airport. So if you are planning to visit Jaisalmer via Air, Jodhpur Airport is the nearest one. Mehrangarh Fort & Umaid Bhawan Palace is the main tourist attractions of Jodhpur. There is no way that you can skip these two ultimate destinations if you are in Jodhpur. My favourite is the Umaid Bhawan Palace because it’s a castle turned hotel and its prestigious clients can have a dinner with the Maharaja himself.

Other major tourist attractions of Jodhpur are Kaylana Lake, small town of Mandore and Balsamand Lake.


In my list Bikaner has a special place. Why? Because most of houses in north India have tasted the famous Bhujia of Bikanerwala, which is prepared in this town. So if you are planning to visit Binaker, do visit the Bikaner namkeen factory. You will love it.

Along with this Laxmi Niwas Palace is a major tourist attraction. The palace was once the residential place for the Maharaja of Rajasthan, now it’s a castle turned hotel, same as Umaid Bhawan Palace. Tariff starts from INR 6,000 to INR 28,000


Yes all these 4 desert locations are amazing. So I thought that lets the readers suggest the name. So if you have traveled to all these cities or have some knowledge about them, please share some reviews in the below content box. Would love to hear from you.