Pushkar a city of hindus and hippies

The term Pushkar, means a lotus flower. It’s said the Brahma, God of Creation, dropped his lotus flower in a lake and a city started floating on the river and Pushkar came to existence. The flower was dropped when Brahma killed a demon name Vajra Nabha. Well this is the story which is narrated my many in the city and even I agree on it.

Pushkar is a town in the district of Ajmer Rajasthan, India. The city lies on a Lake and is one of the oldest towns in India. More than 2,000-5,000 years old. The city has its presence in a 5,000 year old historical book name, Mahabharata. Today Pushkar is a favourite destination for Hindus and Hippies.

Well for Hindus Pushkar is a holy city and they come here to visit the one of the very few temples of Lord Brahma. This temple was destroyed by the Mughal conquest of Aurangzeb, but it was again rebuilt in 14th century AD. This temple is built on the Pushkar Lake which has a total of 52 Ghats, where Hindus & non-Hindus too offer prayers.

But there are many other and mystical places which not only attract domestic, but travellers from Europe & North America too. One of the most discussed destination of Pushkar is  “the Annual Pushkar Camel Fair” which is going to be held on 7th November to 17th November 2013. Along with this the city also held some of the most amazing Sufi saint music festival {Annual}, name Blue Lotus Festival. In the evening majority of tourists visit the great of Thar Desert & the world’s oldest mountain ranges of Aravalli hills. Tourists enjoy the Camel safari in desert, rural villages and beautiful rose & crop harvesting.

Apart from these destinations one can visit some more Hindu temples. As Pushkar is a holy Hindu city. So have a look at few noticeable ones:


The temple is situated on the top of Ratnagari hill and is surrounded by 3 mountains. Beautiful Place. There is a story behind this temple. Once Brahma was waiting to accompanied by Savatri for religious yagya, but she was late. So Brahma started the yagya with a local girl Gayatri, who later became his second wife. All of this made Savatri angry and then she went to the mountain top of Ratnagiri, where the temple is standing.


This is the largest and the only temple of Varah. Third re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu {God of Protection}. The temple was destroyed twice, one in 1123 AD by Ghaznavi and later by Aurangzeb. But the people of Pushkar later re-established the temple. The temple has eye catching Hindu gods ornaments & natural paintings which are like 300 to 400 years old.


This temple was built in 1920 and is a beautiful place of Hindu pilgrimage. One can clearly notice the architectural work of South Indian temples. But the temple area is huge, crystal white and has all what it takes to win the hearts of Pushkar Travelers.


This temple was first described by the British travellers in the 19th century. The British travellers have written about the glory & attraction of temple structure, lord Shiva statue and many Hindu ornaments.

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