Camel products in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for a lot of things and Camels are one of them. So when one thinks of camels they get terms like desert, Safari, Ride in their mind. But when I think of camels I hear terms like Camel Lassi, Sweets made of Camel milk, Camel wool and yes desert safari.
Camel products are becoming really popular in Rajasthan and now we want them to go global. So today I want to share some amazing products which Rajasthani Camels can offer.


Camel milk is also known as white gold of the desert. As Rajasthan is a dry state (not referring to alcohol) the locals value any liquid which is drinkable. Camel milk is naturally salty and some smart entrepreneurs came up with ideas like Camel Milk Ice cream, Camel Milk sweets and Camel Milk soap. City of Jaipur, Pushkar, Bikaner and Jaisalmer offers all the above mentioned products.


Wool comes from sheep’s. Right? Wrong. It also comes from Camels and camel wool industry is blooming. Jaisalmer is the biggest supplier of Camel wool, which was once thrown away as the villagers use to think that It’s useless. But now this once thought useless wool is giving livelihood to many villages and products like bags, pouches, stoles and mats are now visible in markets.


It’s a human nature that they can’t be satisfied with one or few things and that isn’t bad by any means. A firm name Camel Charisma in Jaipur introduced products made up of Camel Dung. It includes camel dung paper, greeting cards, bahi kathi (Account book) and amazing paintings.
Well the above are just some examples of Camels productivity. If your are ever planning to visit Pushkar or any city in Rajasthan that do have a taste on camel made products.


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