How many types of camels are there

What is one of the top 3 words which comes to your mind when you think of Pushkar?

A. Hindu Temples (Brahma Temple)
B. Brahma Lake
3. Pushkar Camel Fair

Well the whole world has written a lot on the above 3 points. So I thought that we should share some details on “Camels”

So I ask that- do you know that how many types of camels are out there in the deserts? Want to know than just read the below list.

Hybrid camel are of 2 types.
“F1 & F2 Camels”
F1 are suitable for carrying loads while the F2 one are used for carrying stuff in cold & slippery ground and they both are pretty useful.
Mostly found in Central Asia, Bactrian Camels can be easily differentiated as they have 2 humps. There is no doubt that they are attractive than their other relatives and much efficient as with 2 humps they can load weight for longer duration. They are pretty useful in cold and slippery regions and always have a smile face. 🙂
Dromedary camels who are also known as Arabian & Indian camels are one humped, big size and have good presence in camel family after Bactrian Camels. Dromedary are visible in Asian region and they have adopted themselves as per geographical region. Chances are that if you have ever sat on a camels back than that camel was Dromedary.
Well as the Pushkar Camel Fair (The largest Camel Fair in the world) is near and the one which we have is Dromedary, so I thought that if you could comment a breed which isn’t mention in this list that I will offer a free ride in Pushkar fare.
So just research and comment.
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